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    • Samantha says

      They’re definitely a good idea for when you just don’t have time! Oh my eyes are the same lovely, really sensitive but the magnetic application doesn’t aggravate at all so it’s the perfect alternative x

  1. Lisa says

    Like you, I had a less than pleasant experience with false lashes many years ago but these magnetic ones sound so much better – I might have to look into them and maybe even give them a try – thank you for the recommendation!

    • Samantha says

      I just think false lashes are so hard to get to grips with but even though magnetic ones my be fiddly at the start they’re definitely my go-to now x

  2. Aaliyah says

    I’ve never been good at false lashes, it doesn’t matter how many times I try I could never get it righteous I think I’m going to need to try out magnetic lashes! Or the pre glued one that sounds interesting x

    • Samantha says

      Oh you definitely need to try lovely! I’m so useless with false lashes but the magnetic and pre-glued even though may be hard to apply at first are definitely easier then falsies x

  3. katelyn | embark to explore says

    Sam, your pictures are insane, super gorgeous and so professional! I wish I had gorg pics like this for my blog. Also, i have to say this has made me rethink falsies – i was scared the magnets would rip my eyelashes out (lol) so avoided them at all cost
    But now the idea of glueing eyelashes to my eye sounds even more dangerous lol
    Great review, thanks girl!

    • Samantha says

      Ah! Thank you so much Katelyn! Oh girl, I love your photo’s too 💕 Oh I was worried before trying obviously with not having the best experience with falsies but the magnetic ones are so much better, honestly! Thank you so much for reading x

    • Samantha says

      Thanks lovely! Ah I kinda wish I’d have dome the same now haha. The magnetic one’s are so much easier to put on I think! I’m sure you’ll love the Ardell one’s x

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