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  1. Deborah Wyatt says

    This multi balm we have at home, and after a scolding water burn my hubby used it, and omg it’s amazing, it protected the burnt skin while healing it, never had a scar from it. And after my surgery I used it on my scar too. I am converted

    • Samantha says

      Omg. No way! I haven’t used it on my scars yet so I’ll have to see how it works on mine. It’s good to know how well it works on burns as well! x

    • Samantha says

      Natural and organic are things I now look for in products and I was so happy when I found out these were 🙌🏼 The multi balm is so good and has really helped my dry areas! x

  2. Chloe Chats says

    These sound pretty good, I’ve not heard of this brand before but that’s why I love reading other blogs to come across them! The cleansing gel sounds really good, I like that it makes your skin feel soft and clean, and the fact that you can add these to food as well, that’s pretty cool!

    Chloe xx

    • Samantha says

      That’s exactly why I love to as well haha. You find so many amazing brands from other bloggers don’t you?! The cleansing gel is honestly the best thing, my skin feels super clean and soft after using it! 💕

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