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  1. Huda says

    This is so touching. I actually love to read diary-esque posts like this. I’m so sorry that you think you may not be able to conceive due to your cancer. While I’ve never had cancer, I do have a skin condition that doctors constantly told me would cause me not to be able to get pregnant, and even if I did, the chance that they’d suffer the same thing I had was greater than 70%.

    As you can imagine, that messed me up mentally. I wanted kids so bad, but I often wondered how selfish I’d be bringing kids into this world (that is, if I was able to even get pregnant in the first place) when I knew they’d suffer a horrible skin condition/disability/or worse. As I battled with the thought and cried for years about it, I had to deal with everyone around me having families too.

    So I can completely relate to what you’re feeling, but all I can say is have faith. You seem to be such a strong young woman, and no doubt, your resilience, strength, and love will continue to carry you forward and be stronger than whatever it is you’re facing. I truly hope you get whatever is in your heart! <3 Thanks for much for sharing something so personal about yourself.

    • Samantha says

      This is the nicest comment I have ever gotten and I can’t thank you enough 💕 It really did brighten one of my worst days. Oh I am so sorry, that’s the worst news to receive. I can’t image having that decision to make so you are SO strong for having that on your shoulders. I’m not sure I’d be strong enough to make that decision. I suppose if it’s supposed to happen it will and that’s what keeps me going but mentally it can really mess you up can’t it? Thank you so much & I’m sending you so much love x

  2. Lauren says

    This is so raw…I’m glad you’re listening to your body, it knows best what you need and we are so quick to treat it wrong due to what we think is right. Maybe avoiding Facebook for a while would be a good thing to do – coming off social media a little will only do good! Keep looking after yourself lovely x

  3. Bexa says

    Oh no, so sorry to hear you that had a panic attack the other night Samantha, they are such scary things. Hugs. I can totally relate to the Facebook thing too, everywhere you look there are engagements and children! Sometimes I avoid Facebook for a while if it is starting to not make me feel good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it can be so helpful to blog and express how you are feeling <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • Samantha says

      Thanks Bexa 💕 It was super scary and it really was the worst time to have one as it’s the middle of the night and no-ones awake. I definitely think a social media break is a good thing! xx

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