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  1. Sara Venemore says

    Love this post! Will definitely try these out because I’m super pale and always so scared of fake tan as I’m not sure what works for pale skin!


  2. Shona Marie says

    Great post! I’m totally the same as you – super pale but also only tan on a seriously random occasion.

    I’e never actually tried any of these 3 tans but sound worth a shot.

  3. Simply Beautiful ß says

    Love this post ! My cousin is looking for a fake tan. This post will certainly help her. She is looking for fake tan products but not sure which one to try. Thank you for sharing this post about fake tan. Much love 🙂

  4. Em says

    I neeeeded this post! I’m pale af and I’m already thinking about how I can be a little more tanned come the sunnier days. At the moment I use the Bondi Sans gradual tan and as great as it is I’ve always been interested in trying fake tans – definitely going to give one of these a try!! Xx

    Em // https://www.emilybecca.com

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