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  • Korean beauty | J.One Skincare review

    I’m back with another beauty review and I’m very excited to share my thoughts about a new brand to the UK called J.One. It has to be one of the most talked about Korean beauty brands out there created by the Korean Actress Ha Ji-Won.

    After seeing this brand everywhere for a few months, I’d seen YouTubers rave about J.One products especially the Jelly Pack primer gel, it went straight on my wish list but I was so lucky to have been sent some from Sparkle PR!

    Korean Beauty

    The range has very recently come over to the UK and is available on Boots. The first thing that stood out to me was the packaging, I love how simple it is and the black and white colour make it look super clean compared to other brands which I think sometimes can go over the top with packaging.

    J.One Jelly Pack

    When I first tried this I really didn’t like the actual product and how it felt on my skin, it’s a weird texture, very sticky but after putting it on my face everyday for the last month I’ve changed my mind.

    “A true multi tasking makeup gripper that combines a morning mask, forming and primer all in one.”

    It claims to be an all in one skin care and makeup product and I honestly do think it’s worth the £32.00 price tag because it does 2 jobs in one. The product itself is a unique clear jelly formula which I have to say is amazing for keeping makeup in place ALL day long. It did leave my skin a little dewy and sticky but obviously the stickiness works so well as a makeup base but it does take a little work to spread across your face.

    Before trying this product out I was just using a normal drugstore primer which was okay but my makeup would start to disappear throughout the day and that’s something you don’t want to happen but the jelly pack has changed the game for me, now my makeup stays in place until I take it off at night!

    J.One Jelly Mask

    While the normal jelly pack works well in the day I was so happy to see an overnight mask. I also love that it has similar style packaging to the original. My skin care at night needed a bit of an overhaul as it wasn’t working as well as I thought and when I was waking up in the morning my skin was dry.

    The mask has a similar consistency to the original jelly pack and it quickly dies into the skin, it has a light fragrance to it which actually smells quite nice. The overnight mask claims to be an overnight repairing treatment to hydrate and plump skin whilst you sleep which sounded amazing.

    When I first tried this out I noticed it had a grey touch to the colour so was very cautious with putting it on my face but it was fine and dried clear. After using this mask for the last 4 weeks or so I’ve woken up with my skin soft and glowing and I’m actually really impressed so I’ll have to keep using it to see how my skin gets on with it as I have used overnight masks before and after a while my skin turns and stops working with the product so I hope this is different as I am really loving it.

    Korean Beauty

    Korean Beauty

    When I first opened the PR package and noticed all the skin care I couldn’t quite understand if the product pictured above was a different product to the bigger size of the jelly pack but I soon realised it was the same product just in a smaller size. Not going to lie it took me a while, I researched and googled.. I think it’s a perfect little size for travelling though! Also, if you’re not sure if the product is for you then why not purchase the smaller size and then you can decide wether or not it works for your skin.

    J.One Hana Cream

    The last product is one being talked about EVEYWHERE. It’s even been on This Morning. The J.One Hana Cream comes in such gorgeous packaging and keeps within the black and white theme.

    “This nourishing cream comes in perfectly portioned spherical capsules that melt into skin upon contact. Each capsule is packed with peptides and botanical extracts to help revitalise and firm the skin.”

    When I first opened the box I noticed a little spoon to help scoop the little capsules up with which I though was very cute, I’ve never seen anything like it before so was very intrigued. I’m not really sure how this works as an anti-wrinkle cream as I don’t have any wrinkles (I don’t think so) as yet but I suppose it’s good as a preventative step.

    As someone who has dry and oily skin I use it as a moisturizer and it’s so easy to apply, my skin keeps soft and moisturised thoroughly the day and doesn’t have a greasy feeling that a few other moisturises I have tried do. It does have a relatively strong fragrance but it’s not un-pleasant and to be honest I have got used to it since using it for a few weeks now.

    I love the little capsules but they do take some getting used to but they cover my face and a little of my neck so they go a long way. I honestly do love this cream and I love how different it is with all the little capsules but it’s not cheap, although I think it’s worth the price.

    Korean Beauty

    Have you tried anything from this brand before? I was really impressed and I’m excited to see what other products J.One release.

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    *This post contains PR samples but all thoughts are my own.


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