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  1. Ar says

    You’re so right, it definitely is a question of willpower, especiallly when the weather starts to turn dark and nasty! I train twice a week at night and it’s having that set routine that helps. Great post! X

  2. Hannah says

    Loved this post – I’m a competitive runner, and occasionally find it hard to find the motivation to train, but there were some great tips here! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

  3. Holly Watkins says

    I am so glad that you have taken the positives out of a bad situation. Your health is so important and it’s inspiring to see. I 100% agree that you should track your progress, also try not to associate working out with weight loss as then it will become part of your lifestyle and routine.

    Loved this post. Truly inspiring person xx
    Much Love

  4. Julie says

    This is a super motivating post for me, as I also feel like I’m on a Rollercoaster of a journey with my fitness. I like your positivity and how you have transitioned in your journey and I’m grateful for your post, thank you!

  5. Katie werthmann says

    I don’t work out and i mean to and i need to, but i never do. FDuring summer i walked a ton with pokemon go, sometimes 5 hours a day, which was something but now it’s winter. I’vebeen thinking abot taking a dance class or something, because just going to the gym is easy to be lackluster on, but a dance class is hard work and if you miss one class you miss 100 things! So i think thatd be good motivation- not feeling stupid!

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