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  1. Lexi says

    I set goals for myself as well, I feel like posting them on my blog motivates me a little more to stick to them? I really loved the goals you set for yourself this autumn and I can’t wait to read your post for winter goals!

  2. ChelseaHodges says

    Great list of goals! I actually relate to a lot of them haha, my birthday is in October too! Ahh I’m so excited! I am trying to get back into a better workout fitness routine myself, and I also want to go to a Pumpkin Patch here soon, it doesn’t feel like Fall if you don’t go to one! Great post xo

  3. Charlie✨ (@charliesevern) says

    Good luck with all your goals, I literally can’t wait for Autumn to kick in properly!, I love the idea of going to a pumpkin patch but there isn’t one near me. The thought of running on a crisp autumn morning seems so lovely!. Good luck with your driving lessons I’m currently doing mine as well, I absolutely love driving so far xx.

    • believeinamiracle says

      Thank you lovely! omg, me neither! Seeing all the leaves changing colour is my favourite thing! Ah thank you, I’ve only had one lesson but I have another tomorrow and I’m loving it! Hope your lessons are going well xo

  4. lifeofshar says

    I am still yet to go to a Pumpkin Patch, I really want to go to one. I just feel like it would get you into the Halloween spirit so much! Driving lessons is something I just keep putting off and off, maybe one year I will actually start doing them! Going to new places and confirming more collabs is always one of my goals, it is always so nice to visit somewhere new and it is always so nice to work with another brand! Going for a walk regardless of the weather is always so relaxing x

    • believeinamiracle says

      I really hope we both get to go to one this year! Omg, yes, I’d feel so much more in the spirit if I took photos with some pumpkins haha. It’s something I was putting off because my anxiety just Em wouldn’t let me but I’m so glad I’ve booked some I just hope I do well 🙈 I’ve literally just confirmed a collab with one brand so I hope the good news keeps on coming! Oh I completely agree x

  5. Simply Michelle says

    great post! i think it’s amazing that you’ve set goals for yourself. it’s always nice to have a vision for what you want life to be! i hope you are able to achieve all your goals in the coming months, i totally believe you will be xx

    mich / simplymich.com

  6. julietlylillyrose says

    Those are great goals. Visiting a new place is so fun! You can make so many good memories that way. And I’m with you on the saving money!

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