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  1. GirlMasked says

    Congrats on working on the collab! The products are beautiful! I particularly like the phone case, it’s so unusual and I love the white and pink colours. The key ring is so cute! It’s great that they arrived quickly and the little note is a lovely thought.

  2. Another Little Birdie says

    That gray strawberry keyring is super cute, and the photo frame too! I’ve been wanting to add a couple of decorations here and there around my bedroom, I’ll definitely try to take a look at Luna and Lilly! Awesome post 🙂

  3. Makaya says

    That strawberry keychain is LIFE! I hope they have some left because I def need that in my life! Loved your review ♥️

  4. Creative Nails says

    I hadn’t heard of this company before, but these items are all SO cute! Will definitely have to check them out when looking to get some things. That strawberry keyring is adorable – it’s great that they give you the option with the clip or the ring. Also, that phone case is soo pretty – love the marble pattern. Adorable photo too 🙂


  5. Deborah Kos says

    Congrats. on your collab. with Luna & Lily. The products are just adorable. The grey strawberry key ring is really cute. I also love the marbling on the phone case. I like the idea of putting a slider hook on the photo frame.

  6. Eleanor Howard says

    All of these things look so cute! I deffo need to check out their site and do some homeware shopping!!

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