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  1. Simply Michelle says

    great post! i absolutely LOVE home decor and im always looking at pinterest for more home decor inspiration! I think the pieces that are on your wishlist are absolutely adorable! i love having mugs and throw blankets. the mugs can be used for so many things beside holding drinks and it adds such a cozy touch! lots of love xx

    -Mich | simplymich.com

  2. Heather says

    Love your picks! I haven’t heard of the Oliver Bonas brand before, but I’ll have to check it out! I just ordered a bold, velvet chaise for my new place and am so eager for it to arrive.

  3. Bexa says

    Everything is so gorgeous here! I’d love to own a letter board, I have no idea what I’d use it for but it seems like a cool thing to have. Wow, I’ve never seen a chest of drawers that pretty before. I love all the different colours and it’s really eye catching. Great selection Samantha <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  4. Creative Nails says

    I love the wooden chest of drawers you have chosen on your list! It’s definitely not something I would choose normally either, but it looks so cool. Definitely would add a bit of something extra if you have a plain wall behind. Also, rose gold is so pretty – it’s a favourite of mine now too!


    • believeinamiracle says

      I honestly love them so much! Oh definitely, I think I’d always go for a plain wall anyway so something like this would make the room stand out just that little bit more. YAY for rose gold! xo

  5. Pushpanjali Roy says

    The letter board and rosa mugs are so cute! I also loved the copper pendants, especially the one with plant. I recently moved to a new place and still in the process of decorating my apartment. Great post on home decor!


  6. Babita says

    What a great selections you have here dear! I love that wooden chest of drawers! How beautiful it looks!

    Xoxo Babita

  7. SensibleSnippets says

    I have a mini obsession with home decor items even though I don’t have my own house yet either haha. I love your simplistic, chic taste in the furnishings, especially the wooden drawers (I would want one in every room of my house if I could).

  8. Liz Brannan says

    All of these items are beautiful! I can’t wait until we buy our house as I want to redecorate everything! I’m always on the lookout for new bits and bobs for home, I’m obsessed with Primark and H&M for bits! I also, love the design and layout of this blog post; is insane!

    Liz xx

  9. Laura Jukonyte says

    Hey Samantha, thank you for sharing this wishlist. It’s pretty damn useful because I am moving to my first ever flat in September. Now I can’t wait to cover it in fake plants and rose gold. Everything in your wishlist looks beautiful and stylish.

  10. lucymarytaylor says

    I literally want everything in this list! I love buying stuff for my bedroom, especially cushions! I have a weird obsession with cushions!

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