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  1. Brooke Pearson says

    This is a lovely post!❤️ I’m definitely going to use these tips for the future as I’m not the biggest fan of hospitals, even visiting people I find hard.
    Brooke x

  2. Lise says

    These are all great tips! It’s often too easy to just accept your fate and not try to make your stay the best you can so it’s nice to know that others can help with making it better x

  3. englishwithkirsty says

    That’s so true about taking someone with you if you can. I used to do everything on my own, but since getting together with my partner, he came with me to my doctor and hospital appointments last year and it was so much better to have someone there for support.

  4. Kerry LifeandLoves says

    Ohh Im sorry you have had such a rubbish time, lots of love xxx. My husband was in hospital last Summer for a month, so I have seen the other side of a loved one is hospital too. Its awful. I felt so useless. I was with him from 2pm – 9pm every single day for over 4 weeks, as I was so scared that he would become depressed or not fight hard enough (he was incredibly ill) Hospitals can be pretty depressing, so I am so glad you found some ways to cope. My husband too has been in and out for cancer treatment since, so I get it! Some great tips here, thank you for sharing. Wishing you continued good health xxxx

    • believeinamiracle says

      Aw thank you 💕 Oh wow. I’m sorry you guys had to go through that. I didn’t have someone with me for that amount of time so I did struggle a lot with being by myself and did get depressed but I got through it! I hope your husband is getting on well and I’m sending so much love to you both xoxo

  5. Karalee says

    These are great tips! I can definitely agree with the first one b/c I’m often embarrassed to bring up a certain topic or ask a question to my doctor.

  6. gemmaorton says

    These are some really great tips! Sorry you have had to spend so much time in hospital, I know what it is like. I’ve spent way too much of my life in hospitals and you definitely need to find/bring your comforts. It’s amazing what some Mum/home made food brought in can do!

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