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  • Adding tea tree into my skincare routine

    I’ve always been a fan of The Body Shop and their products because they always seem to work and they are a cruelty free brand. Oh and their packaging is always on point haha. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about the tea tree range and how good it is so I jumped on the band wagon and decided to pick some of the range up from The Body Shop. I have to admit I haven’t been looking after my skin lately. I usually leave my skin care routine until night time as I find that the easiest after taking all my makeup off but sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it all.. I’m just so lazy when I’m tired, I just don’t want to do anything but after seeing my skin get worse I knew it was time to change my routine.

    The tea tree range is to target blemished skin and although I don’t suffer massively with blemishes now I did when I was younger so I just thought seeing the hype around the range I couldn’t not try it out. I’m a sucker for buying products when I don’t need them and I’m pretty sure that’s where all my money goes.. The range is super affordable which I absolutely love. The products seem like they should be so much more expensive as they work so well.

    The first product I want to talk about is the skin clearing foaming cleanser which is only £6.00 for a 150ml bottle. First off, anything that comes in a foam is a winner for me as it’s super easy to put the product onto the skin. I use this daily as apart of my skin care routine and wouldn’t be without it now. I normally use this just after washing my face and massage into my skin and then I will use the skin clearing mattifying toner just after. My skin can get oily but this reduces oiliness and shine which I love, Oh and apparently it helps to prevent skin conditions like acne. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and super clean and I have had this bottle for a while now and so its super long-lasting, I honestly couldn’t fault this at all.

    The next product I picked up from the range was the mattifying lotion and this has made the biggest difference to my skin. I can honestly say this is the best daytime lotion I have ever tried. I usually go for simple skin care as my skin is quite sensitive and although I love their products after trying the mattifying lotion I’m converted. It’s so light and leaves my skin shine free. I use it everyday depending on if I’m going out I will put it on before my makeup in the morning or if I’m just staying at home I’ll put it on when doing my skin care routine at night. I usually just take a tiny amount and rub into my skin, focusing on my t zone area. The lotion absorbs so quick leaving my skin completely matte and super soft. It sets my foundation so perfectly on my skin and it’s so long-lasting. Additionally, this lotion helps close your pores. The lotion has a really easy travel size packaging and if you only buy one thing from the tea tree range I would totally recommend this one, you won’t regret it. This has honestly helped my skin SO much and I wouldn’t be without it now.

    The final product is the skin clearing mattifying toner and this was probably the product I was most excited about trying as I’d heard such good things about it although when I started using this I wasn’t a fan of it at all.. I normally use this after cleansing my skin to remove and traces of makeup left but when I was putting it around the eye area it did sting a little bit although I’ve always had that with skin care products on my skin, I don’t know if that’s normal or it’s just me? but after a few more uses I got used to it and the stinging stopped a little (thankfully). My skin must be a little sensitive around the eye area I’m guessing. I forgot to shake the bottle before using for the first time which was a mistake as the powder is at the bottom of the liquid so it didn’t really activate. I don’t suffer massively with breakouts but I do like to try and prevent them as much as possible and this product has helped keep them to a minimum. My skin does appear to look clearer and more refreshed after using this.

    So after being a little hesitant about these products I will be re-purchasing as my face feels SO soft after using everything and I can’t recommend them enough. Even though I said at the start of this post that I don’t suffer massively with blemishes I’m pretty sure this range from The Body Shop would help a lot if you do. I hope you enjoyed this little review and if you’ve tried the tea tree range from The Body Shop before let me know what you think!

    Love Samba 



    1. March 2, 2018 / 6:35 pm

      I love the Body Shop Tea Tree range! I’ve been using it for a few months and it always helps calm down my acne. Your photos are stunning as well!
      Brooke x

      • March 2, 2018 / 7:23 pm

        It’s so good, right?! So glad it’s helping you, lovely 💕 Awh, that means so much, thank you! xo

    2. March 3, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      I’ve been wanting to try these Tea Tree Body Shop products for absolutely AGES as I’ve heard so many good things about them. Wonderful review, glad you liked them and they worked well on your skin! xxx

      • March 6, 2018 / 7:52 pm

        Even though I was a little hesitant to try them at first they have helped my skin so I’d recommend them! Thank you xo

    3. Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters
      March 3, 2018 / 1:51 pm

      Coming across this post today is perfect timing! I’ve always suffered with bad breakouts but for the last few months my skin was completely clear so I got lazy. A few days ago I woke up with the worst breakout I’ve had in a long time. I’m always dubious about skin care products because, like you, I have sensitive skin. But this looks perfect! I’m definitely going to buy this range on Monday. You’re a life saver!


      • March 6, 2018 / 8:02 pm

        Oh no 🙈 I’m so worried about picking products up when they aren’t specifically for sensitive skin but apart from the little stinging in the eye area these products are so so good! I’m happy you came across my post. Hopefully they will be able to help you! xo

    4. Suzie
      March 3, 2018 / 2:02 pm

      I did not know they had a tea tree line. I use tea tree oil in my kids shampoo. It kind of prevents lice.

      • March 6, 2018 / 8:03 pm

        I hadn’t heard of it till I saw a lot of people raving about it to be honest. Oh that’s a good idea! xo

    5. March 3, 2018 / 5:42 pm

      I love the Body Shop Tea Tree range. I used the lotion before though it dried my skin slightly, but I’m still using their creamy facial wash (I’m not a fan of foam cleanser) and I’ve gotten a lot of compliment on my skin nowadays. Great recommendation! x Ain

      • March 6, 2018 / 8:09 pm

        It so nice, right?! Oh I have looked at getting the facial wash as well! My skin seems to be getting a lot better so I hope it stays that way. Thank you! xo

    6. March 5, 2018 / 3:46 pm

      I love this range! I use the 3-in-1 wash, scrub and mask daily and it’s cleared my skin up so much! I also have the serum which is really good! Boots do their own tea tree range which I have also been loving (i’m too poor atm haha)!
      Liz xx

      • March 8, 2018 / 7:33 pm

        It’s the best 🙌🏼 I’ll have to check out the other products in the range. I have seen the Boots range but never tried it out, maybe I’ll have it go and see how their products compare xo

        • March 8, 2018 / 9:26 pm

          I’ve got the toner, night gel an the face mask and they’re great! Xx

    7. March 5, 2018 / 8:48 pm

      So i’ve never tried body shop for my face! These products sound great, I’ll be honest I haven’t used tea tree since school because I found it dried my skin and made me feel uncomfortable but like I said that was a long time ago! Thanks for the post!

      • March 8, 2018 / 7:57 pm

        Never have I until I tried these but I’m so glad I did because the range is so good! xo

    8. March 14, 2018 / 8:04 pm

      I have never tried Body shop skincare, shocker I know ahah! But now I really want to try the foam cleanser, it looks great 🙂 Fab post lovely! x

      • March 17, 2018 / 11:05 am

        Haha, I’ve always been a fan of their skincare products because they are just too good. Thank you 💖 xo

    9. June 14, 2018 / 9:27 pm

      Oh I can’t wait to try some of these products after reading your review! Definitely going to be trying the foam cleanser 💗

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