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    • Samantha says

      Apart from going on my runs I have been slacking other exercise. Oooppsss. I’m so surprised how much I’m loving it! You should definitely start again ✨ xo

  1. Asakemi says

    I’ve always wished to run in at least one marathon. So you training for a 10K is so nice to see. As for the winter Olympic, I haven’t had time to watch yet and I’m shocked because I would normally spend my entire day just watching the olympics 🙁

  2. Lise says

    I love vitamin water whenever I don’t ‘feel’ like drinking proper water, it makes me feel less guilty about drinking something else x

  3. anhistorianabouttown says

    Congratulations on signing up for a 10k, I’m excited to hear about the journey to May! I’m getting back into running myself, and I might sign up for a race to spur myself on. And as a Canadian, I’m all over the Olympics! FINALLY, OUR HALF YEAR OF WINTER PAYS OFF! 🤣

    • believeinamiracle says

      Thank you! Oh you should totally have a look at joining a race, I think if you have a target to reach your more likely to go running! Omg YES. Canada are doing amazingly well right now 🙌🏼

  4. Blush and Brews says

    Love the list! I’m going to check out the vitamin drinks. I’ve been getting sick nonstop the last few months, so any vitamins I can get are appreciated!

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