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  1. Lise says

    Questions about the future are so difficult for me to answer too! But just wanting to be happy is kind of nice and a bit sad at the same time since it can imply someone not being happy right now. Loved reading this though x

    • believeinamiracle says

      I just find it super hard to answer and I don’t really know why 😂 I am happy but not in all aspects of my life so I just want to be happy with everything which one day I’m sure I will be. Thank you lovely xo

  2. Karalee says

    Congratulations on the award! I think you gave great piece of advice for new bloggers because a lot of them will lose motivation and stop blogging b/c they aren’t getting as many likes and comments as bloggers who’ve been blogging for years

  3. thatfeelinginside says

    I love these questions and how you answered them, particularly the what makes you feel beautiful question and advice for other bloggers. Really unique way you’ve answered them and I enjoyed reading xx

  4. cookandenjoyrecipes says

    A huge congrats with this award. Yes, it’s always so nice to get the notification from a fellow blogger saying: “I have nominated you”. It’s still jolts me and overwhelms me that somebody thought of you and took the time to nominate you.
    Again huge congrats, I love your post and answers.
    Happy blogging

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