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  1. Grace says

    This is a really cute post, love reading peoples tags! And this one is christmassy which is making me feel christmassy aww! The honeycomb latte from costa is sooo good, I tried it for the first time yesterday and have to say it was so good xx

  2. kaybe610 says

    I love these kinda posts 🙂 receiving or giving? Both actually 😀 who doesn’t like to receive a present… but when giving a present I try to really think about something that person would be happy with… I don’t buy just random stuff! I also like to make gifts with photographs I made…

  3. Adventures of a New Floridian says

    Oh I love this! And such great answers! Christmas tags are one of my favorites to read. 🙂 If I had to pick between giving and receiving, I would definitely pick giving! Even though it is stressful, I love to try to come up with something that perfectly fits the recipient’s personality! I love to see their faces when they open the gift I have chosen! 🙂

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