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  1. ivefoundwaldo says

    I hope you make it to 3000 twitter followers before the end of the year! At least you made your original goal of 2000! I have a few goals of myself for the year as well. Great post love xxx

  2. hudapervez says

    Loved reading this! I notice that reading other people’s goals always motivates me to work on my on which is why I love these types of posts so much! I really hope you can achieve 3000 followers on twitter, will give you a follow now! ☺️💗

  3. Creative Nails says

    I’m so bad at looking at messages and then getting distracted by something and forgetting to reply or then remembering I was meant to reply hours later! I feel so bad when I do that. You guys at Influencer RT should be proud of what you’ve done in such a short time, it’s great! Best of luck reaching your goals! 🙂


  4. sophieheartsnet says

    What a great post! I love setting goals! I’m rubbish at making time for friends too, so will definitely be making that a priority in 2018!💞

  5. Lifewithrossye says

    Ah lovely post girl! Definitely will follow you on Twitter, to be honest I would like to hit 2 000 followers there, I don’t know why but if I have more I will have more people to talk to, you feel me. Also reading this post I thought about my goal – to read 13 books. After I started study at uni I don’t have enough time but now I’m free cuz I deregistered from it. So it’s time for reading!💖 Thank you for sharing this post with us, found it because of #grlpowr
    Will also follow you here cuz I see you are using WordPress too✌🏻💕

    • believeinamiracle says

      Thank you beautiful! That does make sense and I’m sure you’ll hit 2,000 followers in no time 💕 I’d love to read more books but like you I just can’t find the time. Ahh, I hope you get to reach your goal! xo

  6. 1weekmary says

    A lot of these goals are similar to mine, too? I want to increase my twitter following, I definitely want to make time to catch up with my friends more often, I want to increase my confidence & I want to get back to the gym, too. Okay we have the same goals lol! Good luck lovely, I hope you smash them all! Xxx

  7. Hello Bexa says

    Great list of goals 💕 I hope you reach your Twitter goal, you are so close! Also, that’s awesome you have signed up to a 10K race next year, that’s a brilliant fitness goal. Good luck! You can do it 😃 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  8. alicialwright says

    You’re almost at your goal of reaching 3000 twitter followers! And it’s awesome that you already managed to achieve your first goal of getting a job so quickly! Also, I really wish you the best with running 10k — I’m so lazy, so me doing exercise of any kind is just never gonna happen ;D I hope you have a lovely 2018 xx

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