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  1. Lindy Stevens says

    Hi Sam sorry to hear your not well, if it’s any consolation I can’t tell you how many people I know have been ill of late! ……… including myself . Glad you & Laura had a lovely birthday & a nice day with your mom! Get well soon!!! keep warm & try & drink hot water with lemon juice in, it’s my new thing 😊 it’s supposed to be really good for you & much nicer than cold water! or hot drinks!. Love reading your posts & about all the good things your involved in,
    keep up the good work you never know where it all can lead……. I think it may be a career for you in the future for sure!. love Lindy xx

    • believeinamiracle says

      I have heard a lot of people have got colds etc right now. I hope you feel better soon! Aw, thank you! It was a really lovely day 💕 I’m definitely keeping warm with all my jumpers and throws haha. Ooo, hot water and lemon juice, I might just have to try that! Thank you for your support always, Lindy! You’re the best xo

  2. englishwithkirsty says

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I agree – having good colleagues can make such a difference in terms of whether you enjoy being at work. I’ve left jobs because of terrible colleagues before, and it’s great when you have a good working atmosphere. Stay under that cosy blanket until you feel better though 🙂

    • believeinamiracle says

      Thank you beautiful ✨ It really does, doesn’t it?! If I didn’t get on with some or any of my colleagues I just wouldn’t want to go to work so it’s a massive part of the job. I will do haha

  3. theglassofclass says

    Hope you feel a lot better soon! I have a throw from Primark and oh my goodness is it soft. I love it. I’m so happy to hear your check up appointment went well and everything is fine! Don’t worry about calling in sick – I know it’s annoying but you need to look after yourself first to do your job and make your employers happy.

    Julia xx

    • believeinamiracle says

      Thank you so much, Julia! I’m tempted to go and get another throw just because of how soft they are 🤷🏼‍♀️ Totally true, I do need to make sure I feel 100% before going back xo

  4. Traveling Shana says

    I am so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well, but I am ECSTATIC that you remain in remission! I will keep you in my thoughts that your health continues to improve. You have a beautiful blog <3

  5. Jessica says

    I hope that you are feeling better soon! Make sure you get some rest when you can! That’s a lot of exciting changes. This is my first visit to your little blog… I’m very glad that to hear that your check up went well. I’m sure each month ticked off to the magical 5 year mark is exhilarating when it comes back without any worrisome findings. 🙂

  6. You Can Always Start Now says

    Listen to what your body is telling you – if saying relax do it. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers we are all in this together and your blog is lovely. I like how crisp and fresh it is and good sidebar. Scale it Simple blog is having a blog party next week – think about stopping by.

  7. lionlambandme says

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog, but I’ve fallen in love, and sort of having a binge-read! (hope you don’t mind). I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and openness – I’m challenging myself to be more open and honest with myself and others, and it really helps to see others doing the same! Keep at it! <3

    • believeinamiracle says

      Awh, you’re so sweet & I don’t mind at all haha. I found it hard to be honest and open up but it definitely helps my mental health a lot just getting it off my chest. Thank you so much for this comment, you’ve made my day 💜

  8. sophiaaaxo says

    I loved reading this post. I loved finding out more about you. I also work in retail and I hate it lol, I do not want to be there for the rest of my life either.

  9. cabanas88 says

    Hey Hun, I hope your feeling better, i also am sick most of the time its very annoying,
    Enjoy reading your posts hun and i find that your an inspiration to so many people out there.
    Have a great day!

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