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  1. Clayaa says

    I bought some of these but I buggered them up so they didn’t stay on long! I want to try them again soon though. You picked up the most gorgeous shades!! And I really love the photos you’ve taken! Great post lovely. Clare xx | Clayaa.con

  2. ruralroses says

    I always look through the nail sets in Primark but I never come out with any of them, I’m not sure why. I loved your review though, definitely made me want to buy a set and try them out! X

  3. Kerry LifeandLoves says

    Those nails look fantastic, and I agree, the colour is gorgeous. I love writing about beauty, I hope it brings you some joy again with your blog. Im new to your blog, so Im off for a read of some other posts xx

  4. adriisabel says

    Those nails look amazing, I think I may have to pop into Primark and get myself a pack. Great review
    Adriana x

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