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  1. cfandrews213 says

    Hi there read your blog finally after months of not being on here. Whoever is the photographer they must be highly complimented. My daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia ALL type on 2nd July 2014 following a blood test result of 30th June, 2014. It’s been a long road but following the MRD risk news (low) Miriam remains in remission thanks be to God! She’s due to finish maintenance phase around the 9th of October, 2016 when she will have started her second year university degree in Hispanic Studies at Bristol University. I’m praying that your treatment will continue to be successful and I’m hoping to write some more on my blog soon. Am enjoying the Olympics and reading my favourite books. Presently reading a bio of Jane Austin by Claire Tomalin. Very best wishes!

    • Samantha says

      Hi! Thank you so much for the compliment on my photo’s that means so much! I’m so happy to hear your daughter is in remission now and I hope the maintenance chemo is going okay for her! I’ll look forward to reading your blogs. I’m also enjoying the Olympics, It’s on my t.v all day, everyday!

      • cfandrews213 says

        Hi there thank you! I get inspired reading about your journey and will be posting more regularly. My daughter is doing great two more rounds of chemotherapy and one last Lumbar Puncher to go. The maintenance phase ends around the second week of university. So we are being very careful about prevention against infection by keeping a strict hand washing regime at home. To be honest I’m probably a bit obsessed about that. It’s been so hot of late, and I love the warmth of the sun. As you know if you are on chemotherapy you have to use sun screens because the skin is very sensitive to sunlight. My daughter’s hair is growing back slowly. Have a great long weekend take care!

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